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Srdečně Vás zveme vážení členové FLAVONMAX Klubu a všichni příznivci zdravého životního stylu na prezentaci s FLAVON produkty dnes, 20.04.2016 o 17:00 hodině.

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With deals, special offers and events for the whole family. Delicious Hungarian food for all ages - and they're nutritionally balanced too.

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To succeed, restaurants need employees to work together in harmony.Restaurant team building builds this kind of cooperation.

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A restaurant wedding is also an easy choice for couples who want the full wedding experience, but who don't want to sweat the details.


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Carnival Budapest Restaurant


Special menus for special occasions : MENU 1 — Kč378 – – Duck rillettes of duck liver pate , spicy red onion marmalade – Roasted Chicken Supreme with homemade ham , fresh wide noodles , port wine sauce -Sweet Tear mascarpone with chocolate Heart MENU 2 — CZK 450 , – -Terina Smoked peppers with […]